Have been in Portland for the last couple days with the fam and having a good time. Charlotte, unfortunately, has come down with a cold, but doses of Children’s Motrin, plentiful activities, and a slew of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan episodes on daddy’s iPhone have soothed her.

Friday was taken up by the trip down and a quickish stop at Target in Seattle.

Yesterday was poking around the downtown and the Pearl District – always lots of fun. My darling wife got me a belated Christmas gift is a swanky new pair of Kliptch Image S4i earphones for the above-mentioned iPhone.

We also stumbled upon a big sale at the Pearl Adidas store (which is closing up shop), and I scored some swanky new Adidas Country 2 kicks at a deep discount.

Altogether too much sugar courtesy of Voodoo Doughnuts ended the day for us. Yum yum.

Today’s plan: the Oregon Zoo.

(And my damn laptop is having issues with pictures for some reason, hence the text only entry. Grumble.)

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