Friday Night Fights: Victory of the Disease!

This blog o mine has been strangely silent -- especially has my entry for last week's Friday Night Fights took the round (in other words: Doom triumphed!).

And here we are on Friday night and round 4 appears with no entry from me.

Blame it all on the waves of pestilence currently going through the TH household. Daughter, wife, and I have all had successions of nausea, fever, colds and assorted yuck.

I shall return next week, however.

In the meantime, don't forget to vote in this week's round over at Space Booger.

Friday Night Fights: Enter… Doctor Doom!

This Friday evening, Space Booger continues the terrifying march of Villainy Victorious – scenes of the black hats getting the better of our four-color heroes.

Take a look at all the entries on Space Booger and then cast your vote for the most vile victory.

Our entry this week stars perhaps the greatest of comic book villains, Victor Von Doom. The despot of Latveria has learned that the cosmically powered Silver Surfer (once herald of world-eating Galactus) is stranded on Earth.

Sending the shiny one an invite to Castle Doom, Victor proceeds to show him some hospitality, convincing the Surfer that he is a beloved and peace loving monarch. Knowing the Surfer longs for the space ways, he then shows our boy a satellite image of deep space. . . and enacts his dastardly plan!

Indeed the Surfer is so distracted that he doesn’t see this coming…

So much for Cosmic Awareness. . .

Said fate being what follows. . .


Fear my cosmic waffle iron!

The Surfer drained of the Power Cosmic! Doctor Doom wielding he might of Galactus! Such a Villainous Victory sure deserves a Kirby-powered splash page!

My Kirby Krackle is Supreme!

Ah… Thanks Jack!

This victory comes to us by Stan Lee (script/plot), Jack Kirby (pencils/plot) and Joe Sinnot (inks) in the awesome “Enter… Doctor Doom!” from Fantastic Four #57 (Dec. 1966).

Yearly Spread 2010

This post is the complete 2010 spread and will be updated as we go:

Blackest Night Wonder Woman 2JSA All-Stars 2Suicide Squad 67Weird Western Tales 71Batgirl 6Catwoman 83Power of Shazam 48Secret Six 17

Bad Girls: B is for Blackfire

It’s Friday night once more here at the Tragical Historicon and that means some more good ol’ fighting, Space Booger style.

This week is Round 2 of Villainy Victorious, in which we get to see the evil people we love get the better of those damn hero types.

This week’s entry is the statuesque psychopath Kommand’r of Tamaran, fighting under the nom de guerre Blackfire.

In this, her first appearance, Komm-Komm has come to Earth with some Citadel-issue Gordanian thugs to recover the escaped Koriand’r (aka Starfire), Komm-Komm’s little sister. Like many a sister, our anti-heroine just wants to murder her younger, prettier sibling – after taking her back to Vega.

The foolish New Teen Titans take umbrage to this kidnapping. With stunning ease, they get a hold of two Citadel shuttles and make it aboard Blackfire’s flagship, ready to kick some Vegan buttocks. Blackfire, however, has other ideas.

In fact she sees them coming and releases some handy little security drones armed with a variety of anti-sidekick devices.

For the creepy empaths and green-skinned changelings, they use the old standard of zap-zap beams:

Zzakkk attack!Aghhh indeed, Mr. Logan

For the brawling Amazons and the acrobats in short-pants, they employ the old grappling tentacles (first popularized by Otto Octavius):

Also, too little

For the speedsters, some fun sticky goop:

Oh Wally. . .

And best of all – for the cybernetic heroes – the ol’ chop-chop-chop:

Marv Wolfman, you complete me

But incapacitating six teenagers by remote control isn’t actually that big a deal for our girl. I mean, B-fire isn’t even in the room, she hasn’t even really met her victims, and well “incapacitated” is hardly “with finality” (no matter what that panel said).

What would really be victorious, would be if she could kill them all in front of her damnable sister’s helpless eyes, while adding some knife-twisting commentary of her own. Something like:

in a word: awesome

Yeah, the real victory is in getting Kory to do this:


All this villainy comes to us courtesy of Marv Wolfman (script/plot), George Perez (pencils/plot) and Romeo Thangal (inks) over two awesomely evil pages from “Kidnapped”  in New Teen Titans (vol 1) #23, cover-dated September 1982.

Weekly Spread for Jan 6 2010

A bit late getting to the local comic shop this first week of 2010, but here is this week’s spread:

Blackest Night Wonder Woman 2JSA All-Stars 2Suicide Squad 67Weird Western Tales 71


Have been in Portland for the last couple days with the fam and having a good time. Charlotte, unfortunately, has come down with a cold, but doses of Children’s Motrin, plentiful activities, and a slew of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan episodes on daddy’s iPhone have soothed her.

Friday was taken up by the trip down and a quickish stop at Target in Seattle.

Yesterday was poking around the downtown and the Pearl District – always lots of fun. My darling wife got me a belated Christmas gift is a swanky new pair of Kliptch Image S4i earphones for the above-mentioned iPhone.

We also stumbled upon a big sale at the Pearl Adidas store (which is closing up shop), and I scored some swanky new Adidas Country 2 kicks at a deep discount.

Altogether too much sugar courtesy of Voodoo Doughnuts ended the day for us. Yum yum.

Today’s plan: the Oregon Zoo.

(And my damn laptop is having issues with pictures for some reason, hence the text only entry. Grumble.)