Bad Boys: K is for Kalibak

Time for the first of 2010’s Friday Night Fights! The new theme is villains and their moments of hero-smacking glory.

Check out Space Booger for details on this whole shebang.

We join a battle in progress, so a quick recap: Kalibak – younger son of Darkseid – has been calling out his sibling Orion for like an issue and a half, doing a lot of yelling from the rooftops of Metropolis (amazingly not attracting the attention of any Kryptonian interlopers). Finally, Orion responds:

Why pin him with his weapon hand?

Looks like Orion’s gonna get the better of ol’ K-bak again, don’t it? But wait, our shaggy villain had an unfinished line there:  Kalibak bubble

And not only does he finish that sentence in the next panel:


But he finishes it a second time in the panel after that:

...that's why.

These epic blows come to us (of course) courtesy of writer/penciler/editor Jack Kirby and inker Mike Royer, in the classic “The Death Wish of Terrible Turpin”  from New Gods (volume 1) #8, cover dated April-May 1972.

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