My Blood Ravens, Part 1

Finally got my paints 'n brushes and stuff and got to work on my Blood Ravens army.

I had already put together 4 Tactical Marines and 4 Terminators from Assault on Black Reach and had base-coated the Tac Marines (and drybrushed their bolters and backpack parts with gunmetal).

Today was sunny, so I took the opportunity to basecoat the Terminators -- spray painting outside of course -- and then did some painting on the Tacs.

These four guys are where I hope to get the kinks out and make mistakes before doing the bulk of the army. So I started two in one way and two in another to see what works best.

With the first two, I did some heavy drybrushing with Mechrite Red right on top of the black undercoat. One one of the two I did a second drybrush pass with some Mechrite Red mixed with a bit of white. Result was too pink, but we'll see.

With the other two, I painted the armor in flat Mechrite Red. More time consuming and exacting (lots of mistakes) but the basic result seems okay.

I then put a coat of Khemri Brown on the shoulder pads, chest eagles, belt packs and purity seals of all four models.

Next: Bleached bone on those shoulder pads. . . and maybe some pictures.

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