Friday Night Fights: Enter… Doctor Doom!

This Friday evening, Space Booger continues the terrifying march of Villainy Victorious – scenes of the black hats getting the better of our four-color heroes.

Take a look at all the entries on Space Booger and then cast your vote for the most vile victory.

Our entry this week stars perhaps the greatest of comic book villains, Victor Von Doom. The despot of Latveria has learned that the cosmically powered Silver Surfer (once herald of world-eating Galactus) is stranded on Earth.

Sending the shiny one an invite to Castle Doom, Victor proceeds to show him some hospitality, convincing the Surfer that he is a beloved and peace loving monarch. Knowing the Surfer longs for the space ways, he then shows our boy a satellite image of deep space. . . and enacts his dastardly plan!

Indeed the Surfer is so distracted that he doesn’t see this coming…

So much for Cosmic Awareness. . .

Said fate being what follows. . .


Fear my cosmic waffle iron!

The Surfer drained of the Power Cosmic! Doctor Doom wielding he might of Galactus! Such a Villainous Victory sure deserves a Kirby-powered splash page!

My Kirby Krackle is Supreme!

Ah… Thanks Jack!

This victory comes to us by Stan Lee (script/plot), Jack Kirby (pencils/plot) and Joe Sinnot (inks) in the awesome “Enter… Doctor Doom!” from Fantastic Four #57 (Dec. 1966).

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