Rapid-Fire Reviews

And here’s some quick thoughts on recent comics:

  • Batman Streets of Gotham 7 : Paul Dini’s new Batman stories have yet to rock my world and the Szasz stuff this issue felt like pretty generic “I am psycho” stuff. I continue to enjoy the Manhunter co-feature. (Too bad it’s getting the ax.)
  • Justice League of America 40 : The Robinson/Bagley JLA has been a pretty bleak place thus far, and this issue continued the trend. I’m looking forward to his new roster, although I will miss Vixen a great deal. Hopefully, we can look forward to some grander stories to come.
  • Power Girl 7 : A fun issue picked up on a lark. I enjoy Amanda Conner’s art and the breezy writing, although I’d like to see us get past PG’s tits and see her do some real ass kicking at some point.
  • Secret Warriors vol 1 TPB: I’m not wholly sold on the retcon of Hydra and SHIELD’s true relationship, but the comic itself is a solid read with some really nice Badass Nick Fury moments.
  • Batman False Faces TPB : A decent collection of Brian K Vaughn’s early DC work. I liked the Wonder Woman/Donna Troy/Clayface story best. Scott McDaniel’s cover features the ugliest Wonder Woman in recent memory, unfortunately.
  • World’s Finest 1 & 2 : No quite firing on all cylinders is this mini. The idea of new Bat/Sup family pairings is a good one, but the first two issues seem only to have highlighted the different worlds. The Chris Kent/Tim Drake issue should have soared, but instead fell flat as the two characters never got past their current somewhat one-note focuses.

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