Boxing Day Nerd Shopping

Local Comic store had a nice sale on a variety of recent back issues, of which I availed myself:

Astro City The Dark Age Book Three 1Astro City The Dark Age Book Three 2Miss America Comics 1Shang-Chi Master of Kung Fu SpecialStrange 1Supermans Pal Jimmy Olsen Special 2

They also had some sweet deals on various toys they had in overstock, so I picked up a bunch of DC Mini-Mates and the Dodson Diana Prince action figure for a steal:

Agent Diana Prince Action FigureMini-Mates Batgirl and BaneMini-Mates Wonder Woman and CheetahMini-Mates Blackhawk and Sgt RockMini-Mates STRIPE and StargirlMini-Mates Bizarro and SupergirlMini-Mates Golden Age Flash and WildcatMini-Mates Steel and Cyborg SupermanMini-Mates Deadman and the Spectre

And finally, while getting a digital cam for my darling wife, I also grabbed  Fable II for a low price:

Fable II

Happy Boxing Day indeed!

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