Arroooo From Me . . . and the Magic of Jeff Sloane

Today, Tragical History answers the call from the bovine bastion of blogging bounty, Bully the Little Stuffed Bull! Among the many, many excellent features of Bully’s blog, our plush hero has recently added the following ambition:

In this little stuffed bull's quest to be the internet's prime destination for seekers of knowledge...or, at least, seekers of comic book panels featuring the word arroooo or variations thereof...I'm now opening the floodgates, and the Bully mailbox, to your own suggestions and submissions of arroooo!

Well, I’m happy to answer the call (as it were) with the following Almost Arroooo:

 "Ylno neethgie sraey llit Tnarg Nossirom. . ."  

All panels this post from the Zatanna Special (1987), words by Gerry Conway, illustrations by Gray Morrow. (Kcilc ot Egralne)

Yes, “H-Heee-Haa-Yaa-A-Whoooo!” indeed. The behatted man giving this awesome cry as his steed gallops into the sky to follow the lovely Ms. Zatarra?

Why that’s Jeff Sloane, Zatanna’s manager-cum-love-interest in this fine story. And he, my friends is quite a man:

The Tom Selleck of Earth-1

Besides his equestrian skills and his years of selling Chaz Cologne, ol’ Jeff also knows the manly arts of seduction. His is a foolproof process:

Step 1: When your lady is confused and doubting herself, gently comfort her as if to get her to confide in you, but instead just tell her what she’s thinking:

Also helpful: both be wearing nothing but awkwardly short robes.

Step 2: Next, hit her with an ultimatum, threatening her with abandonment (y’know, just like her parents abandoned her) for the crime of not letting you help:

The secret ingedient is emotional blackmail.

Step 3: If that doesn’t immediately pay off, then go ahead an walk out:

The tears mean it's working.

Step 4: Wait a beat to let the pain sink in, and then come on back with your best puppy dog face, and get ready for some lovin’.

Zatanna: Now 100% Self-Respect Free

Oh, yeah, that’s the magic that is Jeff Sloane. . .

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Bully said...

Zantan-tastic! I've never read this issue, and I'm pleased to see the goofiness of bad DC boyfriends isn't solely limited to Terry Long.

Also, arroooo!

Or, perhaps more fittingly, oooorra!