Rapid-Fire Reviews

Here are some very quick reviews of the most recent weekly spread.

  • Trinity 30 & 31: I continue to enjoy the series and quite like Busiek’s alternate world sans Big Three. Less crazy about the purple tribe-people the sidekick brigade has uncovered, but we’ll see.
  • Wonder Woman 27: Nice to see Donna and Cassie on stage and I enjoyed the insight into Amazon ways of mourning. Genocide could be interesting. Somebody please get Zeus and the rest of the Gods out of those damn space suits.
  • Final Crisis: Secret Files: The most uninteresting and unrevealing secret origin ever for Libra – so much missed potential.
  • JLA 28: As a Milestone fan from back in the day, I’m thrilled with those characters coming back, but this issue and the last seem to be firing on only a few cylinders. The de rigueur crossover fight in the satellite was pretty stale.
  • JSA 22: A fairly satisfying conclusion to Thy Kingdom Come after last issue’s somewhat hurried climax. I hope the splits in the JSA over Gog get explored further – and we don’t end up with one big happy family again immediately.
  • Superman 683: New Krypton continues to be about 70% as good as it should be. Alura’s one-note character is getting very boring.
  • Teen Titans 66: Picked up on a whim and it is certainly better than McKeever’s previous issues. Some nice character bits in the issue – although it does end up being “Here are all the teen heroes who won’t be in this comic.”
  • Marvels: Eye of the Camera 2: This Marvels sequel has been enjoyable thus far, but it does feel somewhat unnecessary.

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