Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News

So the journey to the sex clinic was productive. The doctor there, after talking to Helen and me together and then to me in private, pretty much cut to the chase. He thinks I have been suppressing lots of emotions, including anger, for a long time and that has got me blocked in all kinds of ways -- sexually, yes, but also creatively and more. To quote him, I haven't "grown up" (a little harsh, that...).

Anyway, I actually take this as pretty good news. It was refreshing to have a doc who basically got down to business. He says I need long term therapy to break out of this lockdown of mine, and although sharing with yet another specialist isn't something I'm relishing, the hope of knocking all this crap in my head loose is exciting. He passed on a list of therapists and now I just have to find one who will take me (and see if my insurance covers it).

Childhood anxieties, here I come...

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